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Summer Show schedule

Summer Show 2013 - Saturday 13th July
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Silver Bowl for the greatest number of points in Division A
Marchmount Bowl for the greatest number of points in Division B
Pat Ashley Floral Trophy for the greatest number of points in Division C
Grand Fleet Cup for the best single exhibit of fruit
Bennett Cup for the best arranged basket of flowers
Mander Cup for the Best Bowl of Roses
Silver Cup for the greatest number of points in Division D
Selbie Cup for the greatest number of points in division E
JIm Turnbull Cup for quality vegetables shown by an entrant who has not previously won a Society trophy for vegetables
Banksian Medal for the largest amount of prize money won in the Horticultural classes. Winners of previous two years not eligible
Royal National Rose Society Bronze Medal for the premier rose bloom in show
Worshipful Company of Gardeners' certificate for the best exhibits in Division A, B, & C


DIVISION "A" - Flowers
1 Roses, bowl of one or more varieties of any type
2 Rose, 1 bush of any type growing in a container.
3 Roses, miniature, vase of 3 stems, one or more varieties.
4 Roses, vase of one spray, or stem
5 Roses, vase of 3 sprays.
6 Rose, 1 specimen bloom.
7 Rose, vase of 3 blooms, each of a different variety.
8 Rose, vase of 3 blooms, one variety.
9 Annuals, vase of 3 different kinds.
10 Pinks, vase of 5 stems, not disbudded.
11 Lily, one stem.
12 Sweet Peas, 3 sprays, one colour only (annuals).
13 Sweet Peas, 5 sprays, two or more colours (annuals).
14 Pot Plant, in flower.
15 Pot Plant, foliage only.
16 Pansies and/or Violas, 5 blooms.
17 Tuberous Begonia.
18 Antirrhinums, vase of 3 spikes, any variety.
19 Sweet Williams, vase of 3 stems
20 Hollyhock, vase of 1 stem
21 Geranium / Pelargonium, vase of 3 stems
22 Exhibit of flowers, one kind not named above (any container)
23 Herbaceous Perennials, vase of mixed kinds arranged for frontal effect..
May include flowers of bulbs, corms, and tubers,
24 Flowering Shrubs, 3 sprays, one or more varieties
25. Hanging container, hook will be supplied for hanging.
26. Three containers of flowers, one distinct kind in each, not more than 5 stems of each kind

DIVISION "B" - Fruit & Vegetables

8 Potatoes, 3 white.
29 Potatoes, 3 coloured.
30 Shallots, 9 culinary. (roots & foliage left on)
31 Shallots, 9 pickling, not to exceed 30 mm diameter (roots & foliage left on)
32 Onions, 3 (roots and foliage left on).
33 Lettuce, 2 of one variety.
34 Broad Beans, 9.
35 Carrots, 3 of one variety.
36 Cabbage, 2 of one variety (including Savoy, but not Chinese).
37 Peas, 9 pods of one variety.
38 Beet, 3 of one variety.
39 French Beans, 9 of one variety.
40 Salad collection, 3 different kinds.
41 Any other vegetable, not named above.
42 Collection of 7 vegetables, 1 of each kind
43 Black Currants, 9 sprays.
44 Red Currants, 9 sprays.
45 Gooseberries, 9 with stalks attached.
46 Raspberries, 9 with stalks attached.
47 Fruit, plate of any one kind not named above. Outdoor grown48 Collection of Fruit (not more than 5 kinds on plate, dish or bowl)


DIVISION "C" - Floral Art
No arrangement to exceed 550 mm. in width.
Classes 53 & 55 to be arranged for frontal effect. All entries qualify for the annual award of the Millennium Trophy (see page 10)

49 A dish of floating flowers, any kind. No foliage or accessories.
50 A gentleman's buttonhole.
51 An exhibit “A Basket of delight”52 An arrangement of Roses and other plant material. No accessories.
53 An exhibit entitled “Two’s company”.
54 A miniature arrangement, not to exceed 100 mm overall.
55 An exhibit entitled "Eastern Promise”.

DIVISION "D" - Household Section
All exhibits must be entirely home-made. No nuts. Containers must not bear a proprietary name, label or pattern of manufacture of the original contents
56 Glass jar of jam.
57 Glass jar of fruit jelly.
58 6 canapés (no fish)
59 Bowl of soup to be served chilled.
60 A plate of fudge.
61 6 sausage rolls, short crust pastry.
62 3 fruit scones.
63 5 cup cakes.- decorated
64 3 bread rolls, white flour.
65 A chocolate sponge with butter-cream filling. No topping (7” tin)
DIVISION "E" - Children's Section
67 Arrangement of flowers in a container of your choice.
68 5 jam tarts.
69 5 butterfly cakes.
70 5 decorated biscuits.
71 A birthday card. (Hand drawn or painted)
72 A miniature garden on a dinner plate.
73 A decorated balloon (means of display will be provided)
74 2 potato people. .
DIVISION "F" - Craft Section

Craft must be new, unworn and exhibited for the first time. Exhibitors to state if exhibits are machine made or from kits

75 An exhibit of embroidery, unframed.
76 An exhibit of sewing.
77 An exhibit of knitting - any other knitted article.
78 A photograph - “The Common” (unmounted)
79 An exhibit from any other craft or pastime